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Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Hyperkeratotic Lesions of the Eoot
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by pointing out items of veterinary work and effort that are in
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possible precaution to prevent and to repress its further advance.
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of regional significance within their particular areas
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Therefore we members of the Passaic CoaQty Veterinary Medical Abiso
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passing through the plains of Central India. Nearly all the theories also
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and Kinyoun who claim that surra was present in the Philip
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The r ular prizes range from 50 to 150 first 25 to 75
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rigidly quarantined. Better blood must be introduced and inocu
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written that it would not serve the nirposes stated
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dietetics social work and clinical psychology is also
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more efficient in regard to the two indications which consist in alleviating
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location and the market demands. Every animal should be raised with the
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when upon a motion made by Dr. Hasbrouck the adoption of the same
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ided with a sense of suCfocalion and inability to breathe
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en rather extensive has led me to learn that when diluted simply
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ably modify the treatment of cases of diabetes. For diabetic coma the
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condemned and we could allow the owner only fifty dollars per
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Upon fluoroscopic examination I judged Cows Nos. 2 and 3 to
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from a rabid dog. These became affected with rabies after eight
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Id a State so abundantly supplied with lands that can only be
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and a close of.02 per cent of body fat of butylated
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in spite of urging refused to eat had lost much flesh its coat
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these centres of infection with as little delay as possible although this is
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far are suitable for routine use because of toxicity
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r rces ive appetite but disinclination for food is not uncommonly ob
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The regular meeting of the Alumni Association of the New York
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Rabieaux injected 16 cc. of an emulsion of the brain of a rabid
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icy to f lor the influence of very slight exciting Cviuses.
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i or occasionally some deficiency of resonance at the
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second when the pleurse become dry by suspension of function
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bacilli from a cow and has produced tuberculosis in his subject.
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purgatives are the best abortive treatment when the disease is commenc
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are found nodules of various sizes enclosing the characteristic pus
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residing in the State were once members but have been suspended for
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the professor and six assistants. Connected with this building are stable
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creased activity..Slight motion artefact is present near the
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essence of turpentine 100 grammes and camphorated alcohol 200
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per The urine is scanty of high specific gravity deeply
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The disease may also be communicated to sheep and swine. I
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annual meeting resolve that the tuberculin test is unreliable
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such procedure would stimulate a desire on the part of the agri
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in urea. Poehl gave to the proportion between both the name of
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nozzle of a rectal syringe. When the insufflation was considered
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ture and remaining at this point for three days. Can we not
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tered cases of tubercular meningitis and enteritis in infants on milk
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well attended. Every licensed practitioner in the county now nine
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quantity of grumous pus and injected with bichloride and trikresol.
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that disease producing germs or organisms cannot live or thrive in
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having the Governor the State Board of Health the Mayor of
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but on the smaller animals especially swine it is moris successful
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President William Herbert Lowe announced the appointment of com
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not intimate that farcy is glanders or that it is incurable and
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has been formed to insure the people of Reading a healthful and
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Anaiemicai Characters The bronchi may be extensively dilated and of
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fold. Fracture of coionoid process causes increased mobility as well as
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tion is very difficult the sputa being abundant as well as usually viscid
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case is one in which the right weighed forty ounces the left but
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In the middle of the last century sedative treatment was the
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The volume of alcohol should be much greater than that of the
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and the skin covering the udder very red. Lactation practically
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significance that is wliether thymosin can he uselnl
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the skin but no spots were seen on the internal organs. His cattle
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Before said license shall be issued it shall be recorded in a book
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phia an honored member of the veterinary profession a man who labored
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assimilation being impaired inability to procure sleep before the patient is
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auto intoxication when the toxic products of retarded metabolism
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the back on an incline. The first two methods were pref
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to rats will raise plasma luteinizing hormone levels
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not less than 600 horses died. During the latter part of this
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In 1901 Koch found an advocate who bids fair to turn the tide
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