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repeal the act that requires registration with the prothonotary of each

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quent where either cattle or sheep are imported into the State from the

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for one week the bottle was broken the fistula closed and remained

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adding strength and value to future American veterinary literature.

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oxygen is relatively abundant. We are no longer in t

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brain disease with both organic and affective symp

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titions and fabulous prices are paid for animals that possess qualities suit

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D sustained idioventricular rhythm with only occasional evidence of sinus activity.

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From the inoculation there results the automatic development

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ciation do hereby propose Hon. Wood McEee for honorary membership

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The text books veterinary authorities professional and lay

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charge by free douching with water. Use astringent or caustic lotions or

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in national importance or power. If a cheap initiation fee and smal

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I would suggest for the consideration of this Association the feasibility

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Dr. Cooper was appointed essayist for the next meeting his subject

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and finally ending in minute blind bags the whole system of due

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the small while masses of urate of soda. The synovial membrane becomes

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world may turn against him and become his enemy. His son or

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Precautions Nonspecific reactions are rare but may occur. Vesi

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severe with tite aliphatic and piperidine groups of

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tarsal articulation showed an oval ulcer about 38 mm. long. The

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lowing high close tidministration oi contrast media.


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marked in the smaller of the two animals. Scrapings from cut

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prey to the empirical self styled veterinary dentist who hopes

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which delivery is to be expected from the first day

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be said. In man also this form has been closely studied. In

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can now be purchased as a commercial commodity and is within

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those around to jump out of the window or to do various other

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sake of the American Veterinary Medical Association we hope

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prophylactic nor curative. In some cases the injection produced

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country that the determination to control tuberculosis has become so marked

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his investigation of the proposed study of obstetr

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treatmeut the owner had smoked his head and as I afterward

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Calculi lachrymal sometimes but rarely form in the lachrymal

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be considered a consulting veterinarian. But to get back to the

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their herds even though there was no recompense received for them

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Honors Bauer Brenton Busselle Bowes Chamberlain Chorlton

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him to study not only their chemical composition but also their

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Dislocation or Lower Angle of Scapula. Query as to pathology.

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of 3 grains 0.194 gramme unfavorable symptoms developed in

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The following applications for membership were received and on motion

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for use in jratients undergoing electrical termina

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them to be ruptured about the lower third of the metacarpal bones

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a minimal lid lag without any exophthalmos. The thyroid

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medical professions that these results may be accomplished.

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cinoid and islet cell tumors show chiefly an intense

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were a few moderate hemorrhages on the heart surface and on the

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tive. So here was an impaction at the junction of the folding

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Cause. There is very little doubt that this peculiar affection is

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