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Place in the Therapy of Cardiovascular Disease. Circ. 22

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Editorial Board and the Board reserves the right to edit

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with our compliments to the Oountry Gentleman and the Jersey

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pathy and support of all branches of the milk trade.

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those cases in which there is reason to suspect infection by meat

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plication in viral infections of the human eye also.

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can see. Magic is a limitless form of denial but it is

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submaxillary glands 3 protrude early into neighboring cavities forming sl

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profession should use their utmost efforts in investigating the above state

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ular neoformations. Cysts have never been seen. They are more

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batches at a time convenient for the computer oper

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autopsy might be made. I have reports of eight other cases which

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would allow a horse to do as he pleased about standing.

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the stable that I found it necessary to perform tracheotomy

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Another parasite more destructive than either of the above two

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bill concerning the licensure of psychologists to the

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ceptible to streptococcus pyogenes dogs and cats in a lesser degree.

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program to be ineffective is that the patient is not

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know the relation of this type to accelerated cardio

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called shock and should be met by the use of stimulants hypo

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condition. Cattle resistant to tuberculosis may suffer with some

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and twenty times and over the uneducated boy more than eight hundred

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The affection named keloid by Addison is identical with is described

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chlorpheniramine maleate 50 mg. of phenylpropanolamine

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very much resemble those which are observed in influenza and in the

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movement in the general advancement of our army known to his

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gate system in the State of Connecticu and probably

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Besides this Finsen found that chronic and indolent inflamma

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tients. This requires complete familiarity with the

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Leonard Pearson Warner of Philadelphia a nephew of Dr.

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In January 1900 a brigade division of artillery consisting

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those who have contributed to its consideration. It is important

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contraindicated in diabetes because it contains much sugar but it has been

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while the leukomaines belong on the oxidation side.

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restlessness and activity and death ended the scene in every case.

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Spermin C5H14N2 is a strong base. With acids it forms salts

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telligence of our live stock growers and the personal interest taken

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that the Constitution By laws and Code of Ethics be printed.

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of them at the time such quarantine is imposed the expense thereof

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of Pennsylvania he took a business course at Storrs College at

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is probably the largest as well as the best equipped veterinary

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trics and gynecology. He became an assistant attend

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dial simrsoids which communicate with the capillary

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The Journal does not hold itself responsible for state

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drowsiness a slight feeling of weakness in the legs and contraction of the

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Robert M. Weiss Neiu Haven Connecticut Assistant Professor of Urology Yale University

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erful action is comparatively agreeable to take and seems safe enough for

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penicillin. Treat beta hemolytic streptococcal infections with full

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effects pigmentary retinopathy corneal and lenticular pig

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unexpectedly. Those cases which were apparently most seriously

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extending from the coronary band down the length of the hoof

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Contraindications Concurrently with MAO inhibitors in patients

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interest to physicians. Letters intended for publication

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children this is named scrofulosis. Such children are generally not

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clyers spina ventosa or osteosarcoma terms that served to cloak

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rcseHk and more the shape and consistence of the original bone

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to under the existing financial limitations. Since all herds whose

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have as precedent shattering effects as the Flexner

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Qoaoimoasly motion to change the date of the annual meeting to the

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departments of the University. After invocation and hymn Our