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was much needed. Analysis of defects of the cranium

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SiE, — In the Bbitish Medical JotrnNAL of February 18th

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preliminary having been accomplished, the prostate was dealt

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It was an instruction to the Secretaries that, in order to facilitate the

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and has failed to appoint a sufficient number of sani-

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ovary easily removed ; left gave trouble, being strongly ad-

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from wearing kid gloves of a red tint. A substance called

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Mes. a., aged G3, mariied, no children, stout, and of ruddy

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the East, Limehouse. and Newington ; scarlet fever in Bethnal Green,

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Leprosy Fund would publish the report o£ their Commission as early as

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called net knots, which are merely thickened portions of the

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total of over sixty. I do not believe that there is a body of

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colours used in railway signalling Tlie real value of the

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October He hoped to see the Council in a position to proceed with tliis

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expectations detailed by Dr. Clement Dukes in your columns in 18.<7.

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to the Pf txcoct, M arch 1st: Ernest J. Finch, Surgeon, to the E'linburgh,

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Wk are pleased to announce that the appropriation for print-

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the whole of England, and the Corporation and the City of

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and fishing, while they spend their winters in Denver and

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porary reduction in the number of red corpuscles of 129,000 to

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would refer him to the Ethical Code, chap, ii, sect. 6, rule \'J.

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their existence in those tissues in which their presence ap-