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meeting promises to be very successful. The entertainment
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processes of disease to their respective causes. The study of the bac-
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present essay. No. 7, reappears in the fourth edition,
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which was gradually replaced by granulation-tissue, preventing its return
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acterized by chronicity, enlargement of the spleen,
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liver, etc., without laboratory facilities, there are many diseases of these
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Di-. Herman Friedel, to 932 Van Duzer Street, Stapletnn.
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playing with other children until between sixteen and sev-
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2ist, with suitable ceremonies. The building is four stories
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there is every reason to believe that this fluid is con-
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ditions, often associated with degenerative processes
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ing of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund was helrl at the
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was cut into the bony investment of the tumor by means of a stout resec-
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Absolutely uniform in purity and therapeutic power, produces clinical results
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in placing this burden upon our educational system.
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sequelae, is perhaps correct. However, the continuance of a specific
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region of the growth and little finger and the suffering
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Northington, E. G., Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps.
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series of microscopic drawings illustrating some of the special points to
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scar. This patient played hard foot-ball this fall without any weaken-
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erty of resisting decolorization by mineral acids, and
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a diffuse peritonitis and the history showed it to be at least
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each day throughout the experiment. The latter was divided into two
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the external meatus. .\ positive evidence of its pres-
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sprayed either with plain water or a i in 200 forma-
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of a multiple suppuration of the kidney can be seen from the following
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Two other cultures of about one-half the virulence of the Pfeiffer cul-
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of the door frame opposite to that on which the door
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28tli and 2Qih. A >plendid programme has been prepared
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bling eczema closelv. The involvement of the mucoid glands, with their
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glands, or, as has been shown, the tubercle bacilli
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been compressed. The pleura was covered with a yellow, opaque pseudo-
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on her back, was on a line drawn from the umbilicus to the right an-
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duction of lactic acid three factors are necessary : absence or marked reduc-
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treatment of appendicitis. Of course, there are many cases where no
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tionately great danger to life, such as cases of great
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Six plague-cases taken on the first day of the disease. Cure obtained
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times the result and not the cause of other diseased
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cases of acute dilatation after restitution should be
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accepted as authoritative, replied : "It seems diffi-
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child should be inspected by a competent person, and
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16, slight in 39. They were located on the face in g cases
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