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excepting some minute granules and oil droplets similar

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marginal portions of the granulations are lymphocytes :

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•correct in the statement which he makes of its effect

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tion of the neck or body of the uterus by merely injecting some astrin-

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tail of the case of a man who was unable to recognize objects

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unpremeditated, being apparently suggested by some impression upon the

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satisfactory results were obtained with water which had

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fevers; nor does the patient, except in a very few instances, feel

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The answer to this query, from the results experienced

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have heredity advanced as a factor in disease, for in

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antidotal effect on the diplococcus intracellularis.

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The medical profession met the situation in a splendid manner. My

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produced by the parasite sucking the blood, and so prevalent did this

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is equivalent to a command and carries the same weight.

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Virchow describes a typical case, with pigmentation,

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nature of the disturbance produced ; e. g., the effect of the operation is the

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and to the fact that the Local Government Board has resolved

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matism, and simply speak of astigmatism. These desig-

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viii, 321-362. Also, Eeprint. — jJIatas (E.) An imported

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persistent vomiting and pleuritic pain would suggest suprarenal abscess;

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19 South Jackson Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104.

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ment very unsatisfactory. He added: "We are sadly in need of

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Case 1. — A grey mare was driven in the morning, the driver

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may relieve the pain of the existing boil, is prone to

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sary to the operation of the Psylli, whose office it was to suck

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forearm backwards with fracture of the radius, and two of

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stitch taken in the wound edges. Figure (i) .shows all stitches tied.

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old persons, or to any one with weak heart. It should not be given

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exposed by an incision into the renal parenchyma, and Israel

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Scheel relates a similar case, but we pass on to a fatal one given

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pital of observing a case of malarial amaurosis associated with optic

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<1 with a perforated -topper, through which has been thrust a 1 cc pipet.

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turbed and is competent to furnish suflicient blood-

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year. The reverse, though, is true in a few cases, a

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the present day, and in the same manner as the telescope.

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the toxic cases leucocytosis may be absent, and its absence in any case is

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2 Eberth. Die Organisinen in den Organeu bei Typhus abdomiualis, Virchow's

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historical portraits. The Kev. l>r Gilbert Gerard, his son and

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