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remissions leading to renewal of vital powers, has been abeady
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nerve in the neck, usually by direct pressure in carrying loads, and is
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able extent. There is, however, this to be said, that the
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cogen reservoirs, and when the supply of glycogen is exhausted new
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cells or processes of the spinal motor centers, but end in a network of
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insanity may have been in itself a symptom of insanity. AVe
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and fit for immediate legislation. -Mr. Hopwood asked the President of
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unnaturally, had failed to obtain it, the father earning 203. to
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few fibers reach the nucleus from the cerebral cortex of the same side,
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The Rede Lecture, before the University of Cambridge, was
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titis has set in, renal complications are apt to supervene, and
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tuberculosis, its fibrosis obliterates any trace of the original infection,
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Pagei.. [The Alleged " Surgery of Joannes Mesui'-, Junior,"
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and those tending to produce flatulence. The patient is given strict
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vation which is, I think, important, in that it provides the
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A few days before his admission he had noticed that his legs
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Dr. Hoffman, Inspector of Burial Grounds for the Home
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of Mr. Gilbert Barling. Dr. Kaufmann is assistant physician
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was in contact with the nerve. The left cavernous sinus seemed of
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is absence of hair over the pubes, the axilla, and elsewhere on the
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serious and even fatal complaint. Some of the worst cases are reported
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expenditure of everylDody's time. Would it not be better if
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vocal cords paralysed on both sides, but the right much more so tlian the
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The annual meeting and dinner of the Brussels Medical
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in water heavily charged with organic material they cannot live long,
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"Oil of wintergreen, applied to adhesive plaster, aids its easj* and
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8..30 p.m.— f'oni'CTSrtr;o/jc in the Art Gallery.
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structural changes to be going on in the tissues of the joint. But a
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Aberdeen shall receive the sum of £8,40o as its share of the annual Parlia-
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ibe relied on. Where a really radical cure was wanted he
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Brigade-Surgeon Walter Basnett Rahseotham, M.D , died on June
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All that is claimed for this classification is that it defines the usual
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and others) , and after many experimenters had endeavored with lit-
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With this amendment Dr. Tulie's resolution was carried.
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that the cold bath is so beneficial. One effect of immersing the body
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On one day I saw about « ounces of blood that he had lost.
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lar enlargements occur, more commonly visible just above the clavicle.
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paper in the Arch. Med. Experiment., 1890, was answered by
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burn ; Dr. W. Muil, Kirkby Moorside. (N) Mr. J. Nash, Wigan ; Nemo ;
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Physician and Lecturer on Midwifery and Diseases of Women,
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tion, loss of strength, excretion of large quantities of aceton, aceto-