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63. Theobald Smith: Journ. Mass. Assoc. Boards of Health,
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The first district to which attention is called is a
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both in the blood and in the host cells themselves.
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used direct from the original bottle, and in spite of
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newspapers of the country, that, even if space per-
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which is used as an infirmary, will comfortably ac-
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life for sons is unduly lengthened. " The individual
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work surgical is records, surgical dressings, often
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mission is excellent, and should be read by every one
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away. The stump was touched with carbolic acid. The
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palsy is remediable by the anastomosis of the facial
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fort and diminished still more the size of the open-
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trouble until after a severe injury to the nose. Eleven
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diseases of this region, both acute and chronic ; tu-
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longer course ; changes would come less frequently,
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reliance upon it to the exclusion of other measures.
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order to avoid oozing of the paraffin, as consider-
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advantage could be hoped for froti this remedy unless
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will be published later, but a less detailed account
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Rectal cancer. — Crook remarks that ' ' there are
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doses of digitalis is very complete ; in both cases
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cities which pride themselves on their progressive-
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changed from " The Provincial Jledical and Surgical
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incessant thirst ; large pupils ; and dry red tongue.
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tive fewness of the experiments, the results were so
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tion of this kind, as the patients are not so liable
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