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of the physician in charge of the case, without regard to the

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the afternoon of August 14th, at the age of ninety-one

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Nervous matter is composed of the animal element albumen;

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4- That the instrument can be readily taken apart for

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After a period of twenty one months, during which her

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of health and medical service will lead to a better

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the constitution of their Society. The change sought

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smaller scale. He always endeavoured to | the wound rendering it impossible to

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considerable part of his practice was among people who

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from asphyxia, from haemorrhage, or from a combination of the two.

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ance, in practice, to investigate, with accuracy and care, the precise cause

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fected become very edematous. Vesicles and bullae form

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the phthisical complication rendering ultimate recovery very improbable.

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place (three years since), I have bad frequent opportunity of using iodioa

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I saw a case about fourteen months ago, in whom two surgeons

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which American oarsmen cling to so tenaciously, a most important

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invariably : in a fair proportion of cases it may be necessary to use a small

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and legs. Later he developed hyperesthesia of the skin, with

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increasing the red count — at times temporary leu-

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work which he was so well fitted to do. But in the year

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oblique incision in approaching kidne}'. Large "white" kidney fountl.

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effectual prophylactic in such cases, is a residence in a mild, and

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irritation, due to pediculi, acari, and even mechanical causes. It is

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of the serum slightly clouded with blood cells. They present the form of

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'*FoR the past six yeaas I have prescribed Tongaline, liquid, and do not believe

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happens in a position such as is represented in the plate, that

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The result of the change of government of our society will

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course of lectures on the same subject in Philadel-

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