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true explanation of the action of the douche. The authors gave an

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thirty hospitals. The annual rain-fall is about twenty-five

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practice,' — a pellet for this and a pellet for that. God save

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never change his spots. The Argonauts, the Forty-Niners,

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five and one-half pounds per person per year. Russia uses

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be punished by radical laws enforced without fear or favor.

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effects of the jpoison of diphtheria as seen in the pulse and general con-

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tended throughout the respiratory mucous membrane. The cough at

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Differential Diagnosis. — (1) Typhus fever is to be differentiated by its

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usual seats and present elsewhere, so that the sides of the trunk, the

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downward to the lower extremities. With the universal myalgic pains

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as a result of irritation by certain foreign bodies (podophyllum). Various

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without. The nerve endings which fulfil this important function are'

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sweet flavor. Being very perishable, it is only found in the

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10. The most convincing argument, and, to the minds of the com-

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sequence the epigastric region is covered by a warm moist rapor; a

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the patient is weary of the confinement of the bath, the limb is taken

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spirilla, however, reliably discriminates relapsing fever.

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to say. I have in several cases given ten drops of the fluid

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a hot-air bath (167°), with a cold compress around the head, and given frequent

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important as preparing the body of the patient. This is easy

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tions of the pleura or pericardium, rendering it particularly grave. Cir-

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ysm, the temperature becomes subnormal (about 97° F..; 36° C). The

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ting affection or, it may be, as a sequel. A spasmodic or jerking inspi-

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by the impinging of cold water upon successive parts, which im-

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Animal and Vegetable Foods — Tissue-Builders and Force-Pro-

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as " Vin Brut," is the wine of Ruinart Pere et Fils, Rheims,

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tants, we owe the first demonstration that active mechanical action on

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absorbed through the skin, it has been combined with other agents for

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bourne). Children begotten of parents who are drunkards, or who suffer

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production of all the classical .symptoms. It is interesting here

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the body we really manage to maintain a constant contraction and dila-

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duration, were now administered with great benefit. The morphine

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a suffusion of the conjunctivae, with excessive lacrymation, frequent

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France is the department of the Marne, east of Paris, and

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ble. In 406 cases the food used when the scurvy developed

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recorded 60 cases, of which 46.6 per cent, died ; he argues that cold ap-

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it would do, from the increase of temperature in the blood. This

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of cholera. How little we knew then of the origin of such

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lescent. The disease is cut short by the acquisition of immunity, and