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Dr. Beverly Cole, the President-elect, was then intro-
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duced rates. A choice is offered of an eleven days' ex-
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five grains to the ounce — brushed on before eating
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services of general hospitals only were examined for
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Skurka found an average 25% error rate on the lists
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the PhiUppine Islands. He will be sent to Jefferson Barracks
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customer, who is presumably a "little drunk," and culmi-
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sort of nocturnal incontinence usually termed enuresis. This
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So far. tben, as we have gone, reasoning physiologically, we
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chemical composition of meat extracts, soups, etc., but as add-
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of power over the muscles may be complete, or the paralysis may have
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and constant rinsing of the hands; but notwithstand-
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elements were present in numbers in the nerve-sheath, but the fibres appeared
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useful guide. We regret to add that the work is pre-
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are available, provided one is able to penetrate the
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may be due to the same unknown causes which render the alveoli of the lungs
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the institution. In this connection we allude with great sat-
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it had better drop out of the Act, by sending other per-
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The results of the bacterial counts upon agar plates were confirmed
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the rise as well as the drop is usually quick. (See p. 131.) The dicrotic
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attributed to various causes, as heart-clot, embolism of the pulmonary
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the lustre of other rising men, but he stood forth in the eyes
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the onset of the symptoms. If the complication does not end fatally,
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3. Orthopedic Apparatus with Celluloid Bandages Rein-
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of early arrest of development in the foetus by the acci-
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by placinar bags containing ice in the course of the spinal
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nity to abstain from publishing their articles in any medical
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livery, but two days later the upper lobe of the same lung
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Soon after, Thouvenet, an assistant to Cruveilhier,
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of diet (including over- as well as under-feeding); (2) chronic cardiac
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illustrate the bath chair and the Betz hot air apparatus,