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sence thereof, /. e., bulimia and anorexia nervosa. Furthermore,

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tate. This was the first process tried by the Commis-

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and chemical laboratory, but more especially in the Hospital

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stirring. The mixture is then boiled for -five minutes, and the loss in

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possible. The inner tube should be removed every two or three hours

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know what his symptoms were during the four or five days which

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subcutaneously, but a membranous exudate when placed on the mucous

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from them through their efferent vessels. The amount of albu-

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purpose of their commission suspended, we most truly believe.

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same is probably the case in all infectious diseases. He has also

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pointing inwards. The portion affected is airless, and reveals

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the kidney (calculous pyelitis). (2) It may be secondary to

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are so well known to physicians that it is scarcely

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In 1820, at the instance of the committee, my father, Dr.

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influenza strains precipitated and dried by alcohol and ether, ground, extracted

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described as oocurring in pleurisy. The exudation soon separates into

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ued for several minutes, the pressure gradually returning to the primary

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bibliography is so easily accessible that I will not burden this

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3. Tests for Alkaloids. — Dragendorft' recommended

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schaftsmoiiat iiitolge stumpfer Gewalteinwirkung. (Ber-

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uterus, by curtailing the period, and so to lessen the risks of ordi-

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the skull the optic nerves would suffer from the presence either

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to overcome the habit. This condition may extend over a long period of

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der kindlichen Herztone als Mittel zur Bestiminung dea

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likewise sclerosed, but this alteration is to be looked upon as

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some, that the late Dr. Robert Williams attempted a classification

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and mystic rites. The man of fashion stands mute and ter-

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struct the passage-way between the nose and throat, irriga-

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in the right bronchus. The latter was very large, and had

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ceed in any profession or specialty, one must devote his entire

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the lamp. The patient is then covered with a cloak or rubber

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active ingredient contained in the prescribed dose. If

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retained all her original knowledge, but during the