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Statistics of Foot and Mouth Disease in Massachusetts

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company or association so convicted shall be liable to a fine

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respectively and produced death by toxaemia within three hours.

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Prognosis Suppurative encephalitis is invariably fatal if the disease

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Service Retie w 1967 LI. S. Government Printing Office

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of those remedies which shall tend to subdue control or eradicate the latent

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Contraindicated In individuals hypersensitive to oxytetra

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the cordial approval and active support of the Ontario Veterinary Medical

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that this disease is due almost solely to the ingestion of impure

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mission from both the author and Connecticut Medicine.

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lifampicin is active against tuberculosis in man and

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osteotrite. Use of strong or slightly dilute nitric or sulphuric acids. When

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mission from both the author and Connecticut Medicine.

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received 30 grains 1.94 grammes of thymol in alcohol. About

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liver is enlarged if the kidneys are also involved

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lishment of Regional Planning Agencies in Connecticut 23

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Guest Speaker Robert A. Chase Palo Alto California Professor and Executive Departxnent

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Resolvedy That this Association extends to his bereaved family the sincere

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tary canal and have but little appetite for food of any description.

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virulent for cattle. It is important to know further that a given

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the air should be forced out by pressing the walls of the abdomen.

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Orange N. J. on December 22d at the annual dinner of the New

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ing him that the December Review would contain the full reports of the

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Excision of the leukemic spleen has been performed times with 5 re

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nal bleeding occur. Discontinue one week before electroshock therapy

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Disease. That there is a reasonable chance for such a question there can

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prepared for veterinary use. An unusually effective antiseptic

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in the southern part of the State. The loss to stockmen comes principally

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sive proliferation of the epithelial cell which multiplies in the

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that imiumerable cases of tuberculosis in man have been caused

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breathe. The drinking water for the cows often comes from baro

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clusions based upon experiments with animals and which imagine

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with the floating colon. The stomach was well filled with

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of the Children s Hospital to whom we beg to make grateful

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W. Clement of Baltimore Md. a fellow practitioner who by reason

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confined him to the Chester Hospital for some time. His many

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athognomic phenomena of chronic Bright s disease and this shortness