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eight hours ; if more severe, the contest is often protracted and uncertain.
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it is located on tbe anterior than if on the posterior wall, and
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guages in which the preliminary publications are to be
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tended with more or less of disorder in the function of some
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was still in active operation ; that the visual acuity was seldom good in
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rubber syringe having a silver nozzle long enough to reach
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ushers in the disease, has generally passed away. First of all the bowels should
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Thus caustic potash acts by its affinity for the water of a part ;
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mously increased, in which case the intensity would be great, and the
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to distraction. His agony was intense and pitiful,— doubly so, as here,
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1000. Sir Williah Mitchell Banks, Practical Observations on Cancer of
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In the latter instance it is necessary that the arc shall be
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