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after some hours. If, however, when they are in this state of appa-

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and you will note how the gap between each impulse widens out in consequence

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considerably under the normal standard ; it is of a pale colour ; sp. gr. 1012 ; highly

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sight began in the upper part of the field, the patient

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A considerable number of morbid conditions have, in recent years, been

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narcotic habit was cured by isolation and general treatment ;

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on in that city, which affect in greater or less degree the

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"viscera and muscles. The blood is disorganized, and there

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For some weeks afterwards he was very ill ; but ral-

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given that the condition was one of recent status post par tarn and

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" The Bicetre is situated on lofty ground, differing in

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believe, be found the reconciliation between tlie vari-

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active spirochajtes are present in great numbers and are diffused

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mentioned here. The most important points to us are how should

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which the hemorrhage may be both copious and recurrent, and may

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a judge of the Court of Chancery took the position of the Master in an

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J)assing portions of tapeworm for the last three months, and that

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exaggerated. The underlying constitutional cause for

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An epidemic colic in New Orleans, was traced to lead contained in soda-

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dents in the lecture-room, came to me with added emphasis as

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cesses of the first and third lumbar vertebras were also Implicated in the caries.

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logical condition giving rise to the paroxysms. The researches of Schroe-

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lation established after the thrombus formed but multiple emboli broke

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If spontaneous ]>erforation take place, as denoted by the development

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either already been operated upon and are in good condi-

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truth that the disease which, in some duly vaccinated persons,