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procured a copious stool, with evident relief. Immediately after it,
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occupations, and was naturally a bright, active girl. I made
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ice applied to the spine has b^n found useful by Todd and others. Cold
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florid red colour, moist on the surface, and < not actually occur till a very considerable
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three sources; first, from Europe, by way of the Atlan-
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woman — eighteen years of age. She should be the very
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service, and the tincture of the chloride is a good preparation
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the bacillus in the dejections will enable us to determine
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Patient, the only child, was born at term, breast-fed.
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column of the spinal marrow and the nerves of motion, was at-
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sulphate is not a substance which can produce absolute disinfection of
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barrier to reunion of nerve ends. (5) The operation
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on the ankle joint may be involved, for in one of Sir William Gowers'
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some measure increase the peripheral resistance and thus help
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place, and away from the light and fire. It evaporates rapidly at ordi-
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• all who examine it that the figures will not be missed. In place of
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rectum, we . can at once account for the connection, as
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attending physician requested me to see him for the purpose
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cerebellum, and nerves of special sense, medulla oblongata,
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scope, which at once encountered a hard mass which was greyish in
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scribed by Charcot in connection with mental epilepsy.
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noid cocainization, he considers it much more dangerous than
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panitic, but pain and tenderness were controlled by the
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I saw a case about fourteen months ago, in whom two surgeons
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vomitive agents; by pathological irritations spontaneously deve-
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boy, of most extraordinarily excitable nervous system. The dis-
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This is where your Association comes into the picture.
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Ill the first of these cases the patient was harassed by a very ob-
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names which did not represent our diagnosis of diseased condi-
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such liquids as tea, vinegar, or porter In this case, Asides the a U - ;
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