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c is the concentration of the unknown, C B the concen-

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successful. Metchnikoff, studying inflammation chiefly in its relation

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up to the present year. The same general plan of arrangement

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noisy, or violent. The hands are moved aimlessly about or pick at the

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continued superintendence from the hands of the physician, in

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(c) Inoculate the sediment from a centrifuged urine speci-

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water. Mix the solution, transfer it to a labeled 120-


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strate its specific infectious agent. A series of micro-organisms

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tissue becoming condensed as soon as it is formed; it required a proliferative

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penter, C. B., M. D., L.L. D. Sixth edition. Illustrated by

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ard of excellence, but a selected clinic, where the natural

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the NH 3 -free filtrate to 100 ml. Pipette 5 ml of the di-

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solution (about 5 or 6 ml) to cover the slant complete-

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by adding Nessler's solution to the diluted digest. It is essential

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tropic virus disease, take several blocks of about 1 cm

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nancy, and has rarely known it to fail. Some authors emphasize

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of comparative well-being. Convalescence is comparatively rapid and easy,