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June 8th 9 p.m. the patient was standing grating her teeth and
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sequently. Most cases ultimately prove fatal and towards the close the
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the cattle having sore mouths sore feet and sores on the udders
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gest. The chapter on sex chromosome abnormalities is am
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in one of the richest dairy districts in New York State and that
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ganglia of the dog which you sent us on November 2d revealed
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The story of his life and death will forevermore be an undying
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upon the course of dermatitis chronica verrucosa greasy heels.
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sidered among the major factors aggravating world health
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member of the Veterinary Medical Association of New Jersey and
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The subject matter is generally well organized and pre
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Rabbit 3. This animal received twenty five minims in the sub
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cases that recover the fourth stage follows and absorption of the
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Territory to appoint a Sanitary Board composed of three stock
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mortems. It is said a fairly good method skilfully performed is
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President Dr. Donald of Bay City First Vice President Dr. McCall of
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other astringent and irritant plants. These pastures show here
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was superficial the dead tissue being in a thin layer. This animal
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at Berry on the effect of Pasteurized milk in calf rearing. He
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compression was applied over the carotid but ineffectually in this case the