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for a time, this excitement may calm down without bloodshed. There
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counties, viz., those which are situated between the coastal and the
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broad vales or valleys, there we find a low mortality from heart-disease;
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slightest annoyance or irritation of any kind. After this, the patient
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Dr. Rogers thought that amount would be sufficient; but he had
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There is one other matter in relation to this subject of testing men
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that what he has said, and said so ably, will not be lost upon the
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well to make every man who presented himself for a medical examin-
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are present) in doses beginning with 20 grains and going up to 40 grains;
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curate a notion as possible of a disease, from the descriptions of others,
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been used after a battle, there are hospital reserve-depots, one of which
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docs so express it to a very considerable degree cannot be denied. Pro-
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nature of the ailments wliicli they are more likely to aggravate than
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sion of morality which seems to govern private asylums. The practical
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Experiments have been instituted by the Ministry at Berlin as to the
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pneumonia was of a few days' duration, and was not of sufficient extent
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London, 2 p.m. — Royal London Ophthalmic, 11 a.m. — Great
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sound. He stood with his legs wide apart, and supported himself with
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He was a Justice of the Peace, and Deputy-Lieutenant of Merioneth-
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Surgical Registrar to the Hospital. Dr. Greenhow has been appointed
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is the train abovementioned which started for Metz. Each of the wag-
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lowing departments of Medical Science, viz.. Anatomy, Chemistiy,
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The Chairman (Dr. Kelburne King, Hull) presumed that the prac-
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that the water may pass straight through it, and not spread in it, thereby
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time it is so full of information that no practised anatomist can rise from
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lecture. They were not reported in this Journal ; and to print our correspond-
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in some such examining boards in America, half the examiners are
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There was still to be settled who was to go, and what were to be his
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opportunity of observing the case and taking notes of it. In the left
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those class-examinations which are held periodically in all the difterent
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should, therefore, use these examinations as you would any other help
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This stiffness was treated by the interrupted current of electricity,
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they must thoroughly master dietetics. The kitchen-range was a far
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wax models of the different regions and organs contained in this division
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Dr. Ogle related a case of Tetanus. The patient, a healthy boy,
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fluence of rest, purgatives, and liniments to the epig.istric region, the
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Heeenl Improvements in the Pelvic Band. By Pro'ITIEROE Smith,
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labours of the Royal Commission should be supplemented by some such
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of steel dilators, which he holds to be more rapid in action than sponge-
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gross dereliction of duly, and had .-icted in opjiosition to the interests
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it wrong to do to another as you would have him do to you, and for
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Towards such a consummation he contended that medical menmtt
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said. I only wish we had had them from the outset. In that case,
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there was a will. They were all aware that for a long time past there
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cumference to the middle line, covering just half the pupil. It was
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room has been specially fitted up for the performance of operations
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gested a very simple means of applying a soft ligature or thin napkin
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There were several curious cases of bullets having entered the pelvis,
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An ordinary general meeting of the above Society was held at the