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no disease have more experiments upon man and animals been made.

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Asthma may be, though rarely, primary. Such a case I once had

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particularly from raising the accimiulations in a cavity.

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settled should be the treatment of the particular form of kidney disease

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Let tliem form themselves into a committee, and delegate two

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should be, is obvious. Tlie final examinations conducted

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jtra veiled in the ambulances would tell injuriously on many of

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ranean Winter Resorts, which was recently reviewed in tliese

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obtained his Fellowship by election) is tenth on tlie

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rose-red color, but in time become less bright, shading into purple.

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stead of urea, while birds take in proportionately more oxygen in their

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the ears, or the conjimctiva. This invasion rarely takes place xmless

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convolutions forward to the third frontal convolution, and a

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necessary at some time to the nutrition and life of the body, though

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articvilata, and also to enable the collection of annulose animals (now

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The old arguments about "patent medicines" were brought forward,

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injured when a person falls asleep with the arm over the back of a

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of thoughts arrive, bringing with them the pleasing assurance that to

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system. Chapter ii is devoted to skin diseases and their occa-

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interpretation of the difiiculty. He thus conceives that the adi'enals

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injury.— Dr. Deanesly showed : 1. A man, aged 29, who

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President respectively without opposition. Mr. "Wheeler will

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Europe it occurs in from 10 to 30 per cent, of all bodies examined, but

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the only remedy is by hypodermic injections of 7 gr. of camphor in

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4. When about a tenth part of the pancreas is left in a function-

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always causes vomiting, the ejecta then being usually of a grass-green

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exposed to every commimicable disease, from the deadly typhus, which

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nitrogenous elements of the food, in other words, with meats. Meat of

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fig. 5.— Tracing showing amplitude of muscle contraction in o.in per

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ism which produces a high-frequency current, either from a static

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wise, and after six months' notice in writing, signed by their clerk, given

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theoretical writers on the subject of diabetes, who formerly referred

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its own habits of life, which explain why it was for so long unsuspected

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wasting of the muscles, anesthesia of the anterolateral parts of the

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by the museulo-spiral below the elbow. These muscles gave no response