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beverage by those who already eat a full supply of regulation

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in a long-haired woollen blanket for forty -five minutes. Parts of the body were

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ralysis and tetanus, and other diseases he also claims to have had good

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large intestines — i. e. in the cecum and colon. Perforation of the

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Operation offers some hope of cure, and Avith the progress of convales-

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{h) Necrosis or Sloughing. — In all save the milder grades of cell-

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is attended with increased suffering. Yet there are cases that run their

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the nooks and the corners, to the beds, the clothing, the drain-

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treatment indicates the character of the disease affecting the mucous

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coma : Its Nature and Treatment." As to glaucoma, I have

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and the environment of the plains, we see the difiference and

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followed by friction with the flat hand and repeated every five min-

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exclude the air as much as possible and to protect the patient against

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and regulated discharges of nervous energy (Goodhart). This theory

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has been separated and used. Pasteur's treatment of hydro-

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nutrition. These objects may be most effectively accomplished by rest

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the carbohydrates, any excess of carbohydrates is deposited

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The pathetic side of the story has 'evidently not been experienced

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Pathology. — The body is generally much emaciated, the features

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breads, the thymus gland of the calf, protein 15.4, fat 12. i.

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there is manifested a strong tendency to limitation and healing.

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This work is meant to introduce the student to the present state of

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with the surface treated is brief and its action chiefly local.

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marked by a sudden and considerable fall of temperature.. (4) In the

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dilatation of the right ventricle, often closes the scene.

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and Dr. Hays was a very scholarly man and cultivated gen-

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The antistreptococci serum acts very much more slowly in

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the shorter period at the beginning, gradually lengthening the

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without 'Functionsstorung,' should you then think it necessary to insist

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ject. The most important of these seems to us the emphasis placed upon

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diseases as an antifebrile and antithermic agent. In mild cases of the

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their hulls, and in doing so do not soil your kid glove; they

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Velpeau, Nelaton, and other great surgeons, on his hobby

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milk. Americans do not appreciate the product of the cow

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as upon the back are frequently seen brown stains (pityriasis versicolor).

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and by encouraging him to cough frequently, as well as by the timely

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eyes at the same time a solution of boric acid (gr. x to xv — 0.648 to