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Delegates to the American Veterinary Medical Association
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ally die eventually worn out or else in a typhoid state. Treatment i.
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The synergistic effect of the pesticides is a grave
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pounds. He was dribbling urine slightly and attempted to urinate
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hours of life while the vitality of the animal was reduced.
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to suspect this disease iu any patient over 40 years
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absence. Reports of County Sdcretaries were then read by the Corre
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made in recent years in the control of the many contagious and fatal
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inflammatory zone in the bone now becomes the seat of a condensing
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present continually in the cell as an active enzyme
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investigator failed to find any visible tuberculous lesions. The
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not tender and do not tend to increase. Diagnosis. Sometimes difficult
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istic of all our poisonous species of North America except the elaps.
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ment is paying Dr. Salmon should receive not less than 6000 per
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oateljy is often neglected and specimens are forwarded for micro
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These new lines of work are destined to do much good and
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asked to give the owner in his own words his opinion of the
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Medical Society and as a Delegate to the American Medical Association there
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ed into groups on the basis of each of the five dem
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io the United States Bureau of Animal Industry and located at Sioux
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would reach the scalp only through the anastomosis of the occipital arteries
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ABSCESS. A circumscribed collection of pus. Two chief kinds
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will be well provided for. Entries close Saturday March 22.
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Discovering individuals with high beta lipoproteins
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or Lembert sutures. The wound should be thoroughly cleaned and
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