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Process of healing in a drcided tendon The divided ends of the tendon

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compelled to inaugurate sanitary measures for the control of the spread of

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platelets found in tlie stained blood smear. Compare the size

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been produced in anything like the same proportion and but few heavy

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reduction metamorphosis takes place in dead albumin under the

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Smith Albion Secretary and Treasurer W. A. Giffen Detroit Directors

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bronchitis in cases of cardiac disease which may seriously aggravate

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and the ulcers desiccate. Upon the feet the effect is analogous

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On ballot of the Association the following were elected to active member

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id again there are cases in which enormous amounts of either cold or

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Dermatology Department of Medicine University of Cali

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prescribe doses of nux vomica. A great deal of success lies in the

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results ahead of those obtained by diphtheritic serum in human beings.

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terizatiou is not performed it reaches 83 per cent. Bouley found

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as to find the AV junction recovered sufficiently to

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The announcement comes to us of the probable closing of the