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In this group we find every grade of change, from that seen in the patient
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sing, (4) formative, and (5) fungus or villous. In the Cambridge report
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may be destroyed and converted into a large pus sac — and thus we may
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The question arises as to whether one of these forms may pass into another.
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of the cases where calculi form in one kidney the other is similarly affected.
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ity, and thus, at the present time at least, it is not fair to assume that we
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liydi'ochloric aciil. 'I'he patholoiric condition in whi<'h theie is most
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mounted all the difficulties, so as to be able to suc-
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cent. Garceau found hsematuria a prominent symptom in 50 per cent,
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indieates the ll-ioii eoneentiatioii in the dialvsate. The lints pioiju I
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ciety ; but it was not till the beginning of August
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Changes in the heart and bloodvessels are commonly present, although they
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TIIK I'I1VS|(»I,()(;Y OKTIIK llllAUTr.KAT (CiiiitM)
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or total removal of the liver; and (2) observation of the urea-fcirmiri!.'
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be said that involvement of the thumb-joint is more common in arthritis
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well as that of their crowded and dirty habitations,
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and kept as undisturbed as possible. If there be pain and tenderness, the
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sisting of small quantities of jelly, beef-tea with
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the hemiplegic arm, but it may resemble Weir Mitchell's disease very
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tionally. Manjr patients of both sexes seem unusually salacious. Some
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atrophy and wasting. Enlargement of the elands is marked; they are dis-
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septicus m 3 of 10 cases of cystitis, while Schnitzler found the same bacillus
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being made to exhale deeply, the legs somewhat flexed, and the patient some-
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mucous membrane or by distinct ulcerations is very suggestive of tubercu-
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skin over the tumor is sometimes not altered in color, but in severe cases
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Kronlein's 51 cases, 38 were women. In acute miliary tuberculosis Morris
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llt'l. Mi. r.'pli..t..:;r;iplis o, iliyr,.i.l ;.'l:in,| ..f ,|,,;r 7-1
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fections, tuberculosis is by far the commonest. It is mentioned as a compli-
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change which permits of the exudate? Is it neurotic, an alteration under