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a flat surface rather than by a point. These frequently
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ment's thought before it is upon the table. The fowl is in the
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what important deductions, both pathological and therapeutical, it
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numerous observations, that in pneumonia and pleurisy cold applications
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brain due to concussion, (2) Swelling of the brain due
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vessels, and the difficulty of ^their seizure, the presence of a com-
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reception of the injury by the patient was this : while enga-
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without being aware of Dr. F.'s published statement.
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beautiful insect common in all collections of Chinese insects.
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memoir on extra uterine pregnancy," published in Edinburgh,
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quired. Dr. Nysten's experiments show that the sympathetic
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Irritate the ulnar nerve at the elbow, and sensation is
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deserved censure. To recognize him as a returned Prodigal, to serve
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1864. He immediately went abroad and spent four years in study at
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and three-tenths degrees — being the average of the human
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play. So, too, in the experiments which were partly conducted
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omy of the posterior abdominal fascia, or fascia lumborum.
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There is great thirst, the face is drawn with pain, and has an
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which occupy a considerable amount of the available
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half their circumference is on the mucous membrane and half on
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tion of elevating the standard of acquirement, and making the degree
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The patient was on the eve of leaving the hospital when he was
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firm at the umbilicus as at any other point, and the ring had
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der medical direction. The inhalation of camphorated spirit is often suffi-
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blood drawn during an attack of inflammatory fever, it rose
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pipe, under the influence of emetics, errhines, and other means, the num-
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operation, the patient is entirely free from her former pelvic
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But judging from the number before us, this Journal will be a worthy
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phenomena of the animal economy as strikingly illustrative.
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experiments on this subject ; the pulse in this, as in the other
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four cases of disease at a time ; these he should study thoroughly,
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of hemorrhage from the artery which had not been ligated. This
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bright at 70, the time at which decrepitude is said to take place, as
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suiting in nausea and vomiting, could be easily appreciated, and
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of the city schools. Even the few graduates never think of passing
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palpation. No doubt in some instances the ulcer is accompanied