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tion of the toxin, or, perhaps, of the pneumococci themselves.

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known as alkaloids, which are alkaline in reaction, most of

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fracture and greater injury to the soft parts. Indeed,

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eye, and side of the nose were distinctly felt at the commencement of labour,

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and most of the cases I see in children under ten come in this cate-

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both to the knee joint and to the back, and also cups to the

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were cremated recently, in accordance with the terms

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authors. As the supposed rheumatic character of the disease is

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From the 1st of June 1834 to the 1st of March 1835, no less than

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perature ranged from 10.3° to 104' ; the pulse 120 to 136 ; the

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ive, this work is given an equivalent when matriculating for

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results I have obtained by continued injections with

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bring the annual charge of each bed to the fabulous sum of

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of the patient or her friends, or subject her to the numerous

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the absence of complete obstruction deterred from its perform-

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the liip. N. York M. J., 188,5, xlii, 593-596. .4 iso. Reprint.

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mouth. The bristles fall out and show blood on their roots. In

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it was brought from Denmark, and more than thirty-five thousand of

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tion, after exposure, appears to favor the receiving of the disease,

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the presence of worms in the intestine was associated with loss of speech

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ard by which the power of disinfecting agents may be measured. There

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or seventh day of the disease. Serum rashes and transient joint

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tinguished by the fact that they do not coagulate milk,

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axilla. The author has practiced this method with success in one case, and

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that they should be efficient, for if they were not efficient

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From fourth to sixth month, 720 to 1,150 grams 24 to 38

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any curative effect, even after having been several times performed.

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atively done, did, and could have dune, no harm. Not

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of the sense of oppression and dyspnoea attendant on the early stage of

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changes which so alter the pabulum as to increase the virulency of the

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Diagram of the Wolffian Bodies, Mullertan Ducts, and Adjacent

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fif^y-six^ye'^r^He wa^-'at^'onrtilr"'^"' "''' ^"S^' «"'■ -«-'

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country doctors in Virginia who have made, not only valuable

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a very fine type of the hard-working, conscientious physician.