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alone would exclude either of those fevers, and that was

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be a genial, kind, and well-disposed man, a good practitioner,

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Association generally meets in June or early in the season, and they

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ISTo man should be licensed to practice medicine who is not thorough in

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was due to the severe and widespread epidemic of 1870-

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means of the lymphatics of the arterial coats and those of the connec-

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and nerves, the affection has not, in my judgment, received that

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3d. Fractures of the inferior maxilla occur at the boundaries

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in the extent of movement may be seen only below the navel or may

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exertions, or by the uprise of a full bladder. He thought the

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which tills an eight gallon bottle, and indeed the)

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must be taken to prevent suppuration, which is occasionally troublesome ;

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fusiform, seldom encapsulated ; tendency to early infiltra-

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tube was placed in front of the bladder in the lower angle of the

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and the ends brought out at lower angle of the incii

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fibroid or not 1 am unable to say. I iiave never seen it happen, and

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health prevented the accomplishment of this purpose and

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roused, when it is very active and vicious. The only conclusion

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Eupils^ as a rule, are evenly contracted. When the effect of the last dose

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Dejerine, that an isolated optic word center existed in the left gyrus angularis, a

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his ordinary playthings. He coughed a little, but had no fever, and

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cold or from epidemic influences. As causes of disease,,

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have arrived ill of fright, from villages where, perhaps,

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9. Kaufman SE. Kaye MD: Induction of gastro-oesophageal reflux by alcohol.

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be demonstrated in this pancreas, except in a single section from near the

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of digestion, the nature of the cough, and profuseness of

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ated with each, as far as his wide personal observation

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of the public health. At home our tables are covered with

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Dr. Wendell C. Phillips, of New York, gave a talk on "Comments on

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This constitutes a febrile paroxysm. Nothing can be simple ;

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fecation? Does he have an irritable bladder? etc. After

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tion, showed it to be about eight times its normal size. It was fixed and