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local board ; and in any corporation where there is
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last sitting of the Court, that he was not entitled to sue as a
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preceding year of £1.566 I6s. Id. The number of patients in
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But in pneumonia, when we already have paralyses of the
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the Medical Investigator appointed by the Poor Law Commit
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occurs, attention should be directed toward support of blood pressure and
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are closely and carefully followed the results will be satisfactory.
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suggested that the eyes of glass- workers are subjected to the
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of pure culture obtained from guinea-pig No. 6. It died In 2%
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mission of syphilis to one of the lower animals, in spite of various state-
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neys, and downward even below Poupart's ligament, to the inner part
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The want of defecation is experienced at variable intervals de-
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described above, in which we are tempted to use the coal-tar
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It is from this point of view that I wish to make my remarks on
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intention to present a paper on intestinal obstruction,
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1742. When dysentery is epidemic, the danger may be in-
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the stomach would be rejected. The pain in the head increased the severity of these
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R) without any external cause — a certain indication that the
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greater trochanter; (c) a chcesey se^ue^truul at the lower surface of the
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Fetus No. 7 : preserved in alcohol ; nine and a half inches long ;
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and borborygmi. Vomiting may arise early from sympathy or late from
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piece is closed by the responsible clinician and the test commences.
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the sixth pair, but who has completely recovered, may suffer later from
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Neither is it a single organ only that suffers in disease. Jt affects by
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the opinion that there are no radical differences in the primary effects
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measured by our aspirations, are everywhere so narrow,
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The meeting was concluded by an extensive discussion on
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surgeon must be guided by the conditions existing and
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not doubt) that if we had full records it would be seen that our