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tions. Deducting these and the three which have been
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is very difficult to say. Eleven of these sixteen cases underwent
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dectomy. Clitoridectomy leaves her a different woman
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show any casts, but contained varying quantities of albumin,
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used. In severe or protracted cases, small doses of
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chloric acid) ; bismuthi subnitras (o-i to 0-2 gramme) ; extract
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employed for the instillation of the fluid. The sinus closed in Sep-
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Some regard moist, undrained, and swampy pastures as favorable
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cluding contractions of not more than 1 inch in length.
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branches of the healing art, or devote themselves to one more or less
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four, a complete circle, of about 24 inches diameter, is described with the
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aione in the middle, makes a cockney sh, undra.rsmanlike
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it deserves more than this. .We owe it to the doctors
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oval, or irregular white patches ; (ii.) scar-like bands ; (iii.) small
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are satisfied, some reasonable doubts may be enter-
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If I had to treat certain cases which I have seen, Avhen
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Nuttall and Shipley state that larva^ caught in the middle of
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pyrexia, and the writer has seen several cases of thrombosis of the basilar
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Energy - -that ' 3 the all-powerful committee that used
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wrist and forearm, and dislocation of both bones of the forearm
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1897, ii, 1.30- 132. — Corocnnc. Iritis et chorio-rfitiuite
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has reported quite a large number of cases in which he has practised it.
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I love my State Society. It is dear to me. Two things draw me to the
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able by the authors in connection with the work of the New York Haita
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the N[ .'mi)his Charity Hospital. When the yellow fever
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Vhystirie, Paris, 1850, pp. 317 and 477. — 23. Bruxox. Nonnaiulie rnddicale. Koncn,
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posts and army surgeons, and wrote this abusive article in
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the liver, the lymph-nodes, the portal vein, and the peritoneum were
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behind the bulb, as if something was closely compressing the canal. Every
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the motor centre, there is invariably more or less complete motor aphasia.
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Cohen, Dr. Herbert W. Wootton, Dr. John Ronalds Shannon, Dr.
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disease are explicable on other grounds ; that while the com-
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symbolic representation of the quest by science for the elusive enigma. On the one side is the