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Use of the Electro-magnet in Determining the Presence of
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process of putrefaction. This was remarkably exemplified in the
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attention seriously to the more important measures of
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neither by hepatic pain nor violent symptoms. Purulent hepatitis,
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Two mice inoculated subcutaneously with a small portion of
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tesis, may become nearly as t^ise as it was originally ; but generally it
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rapid will be the diffusion of tubercle, until it ■
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statement with reference to the existence of purulent effusion. It pre-
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the captain ; four had considerable specks and adhesions of
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in our colleges, there is no class of men who devote them-
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is accentuated. With engorgement of the right heart and incomplete
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doubtless, organic change of the nerve centers had super-
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given for 20 minutes. The patient was placed upon a stool
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sation: it is seated in the stomach, to which organ it is always re-
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only out of 4740 who really had a premonitory diarrhcea —
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The lateral ventricles were very much dilated, and contained a small
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of the American Medical Association in St. Paul: Drs.
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Windsor ; G. B. Snyder, Ridgeway ; G. S. Sadler, Pakenham ;
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quently described, from which the sufferer has been snatched by the
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ratus for months, is doing six times the amount of work that any other squadron
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already said, becomes gradually shorter, namely, 8 days in
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sic seizures, though having a favorable termination to the
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I have seen a few instances of this sort ; it is called by the common
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conclusion that this AA^as the cause of the absence of agraphia as a
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another murmur, which takes the place of the first sound of the left
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dressed," it is prudent to have at hand one or two rolls
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Should it be made easily obtainable in this country, at a relatively cheap
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or even demonstrable thyroid enlargement, may lead one astray.
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von Bergmann. Translated from the second revised German edition by Frank