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Of the ureides the most important is uric acid. Of other members

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to unravel the obscure and oftentimes mysterious causation of

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serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels are found.

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copies or single spaced manuscripts will not be considered.

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malia but not to birds. Birds however have their own tubercu

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State are required to register them with the county clerk.

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to submit their papers to the JOURNAL for consider

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after they are in full bloom. Those grasses mature very rapidly

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the surface of the liver. The heart showed many small hemorrhages

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not contain the yellow granules seen in lump jaw pus.

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Eves Goentner Hoskins Marshall Rhoads Underbill Ridge Williams

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tests in 1945 1954 imolving only a handful of kilo

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The conmittee would also like to find out if there is any particular

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tuberculosis in the consumer yet there would not be a demand for

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ary tract. This has been particularly so iti regard

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palpable. In dislocation backwards end of clavicle presses on trachea

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Authority for approval of all contributions rests with the

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must be dealt with in the different phases and stages of the majority

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dent Harger delivered his annual address after which the following officers

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under its influence. Knorr found that a horse produced 100 000

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four stages viz. first congestion second dry inflammation or

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Acre is not suflRcient reason to believe that it occupies the important

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the joint. First case results from inflammatory thickening of surrounding

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mosquito attacks whites more than they do negroes. Surra is not

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soon the visit may be repeated. The owner would be especially

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stock raising my future business. I was of the opinion that in a

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was in the pulmonary artery. I will first call your attention to the

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done daily for at least three days. Other laboratory

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advanced by Dupuy that certain disturbances of the stomach and

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eports of infants harmed by the mother s opiate influenced by her

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rhe remarkable technical developments in surgery during the past decaile

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opportunity to refine the differential diagnosis ol

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tion render an attack of puerperal mania extremely probable. As

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And now my friends while it becomes my unpleasant duty to present

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swelling of face and tongue itching numbness and tingling

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level above that of the eyes. Four methods of drenching

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S. T. Miller reports as follows upon his method of treatment

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the disease was traced directly to a cow suffering from disease a

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have affidavits that animals come from localities free from conta

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Cfocon oil liniment strong or diluted chloroform liniment and other local

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facility for acting out boys. This group is atypical

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The disiase once started will get a foothold upon all or nearly all

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if it is to enact wise laws are veterinarians. But in New York

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was no visible mucous membrane that was not studded with these

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