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this department in the issues for 1903 were directed from the

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The bars are or should be made of seasoned beechwood bat

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of Malgaigne s dynamometer to measure force employed. After treatments

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resembling diphtheria and wheezy old cats are very common

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ing out process would become a simple matter. In this case dogs

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more of the joints associated with the deposition of new bone round them.

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reasonable length I refrain from a presentation of the distinguish

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He was associated with Mt. Sinai St. Erancis fiart

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read by neurologists and neurosurgeons Ity psychiatrists as

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Scheie has found in the genital discharges and in the uterus the

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formed muscular animal of the Percheron breed rather large dark

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nificantly impaired reader and their average reading

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following solution Tincture of iodine 100 g. boiling water 200

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of sugar and of albumin in the urine no appetite. The patient was

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was inoculated subcutaneously with the sputum. It was killed

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of his willingness to accept the office and assist in the work which

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the character of her breathing which was loud and hoarse and the

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all animal diseases was to be under his direction. We trust

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There is a very practical side to this disease especially when

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gated special representative to the International Congresses by being

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or imperfect supply of blood through the coronary arteries and so degen

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the theory of contagion beyond doubt. Professor Bang also culti

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examples of anthrax affections which exist first in animals living

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not abdicate its present role entirely to the large

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ance of physical exercise and emotional disturbance are all valuable

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will have accomplished a grand result by spurring on its final settlement.

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bling very much the gait of milk fever in its early stage. This

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devoted his life to the elevation of his chosen field of labors

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stopping the tricyclics. This antagonism can be ex

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cavities filled with the tuberculous matter. Rev. V6L

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with more force and as a consequence the obstructing mass is pushed

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are the chief medicines which have been recommended in the treatment of

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fruits of fraternal unity in an effort to remove the present misunderstanding

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argument made a reasonable assertion or presented a rational

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to be absolutely and invariably doomed to die not only from

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sulted for the first time in the availability of large

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expresed in the discharge of their duty and also to assist such

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and conceptualization of the persotrs development the author

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his return to the barn found the front legs and nose protruding

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eases consisting of Drs. Hill Andre Smith and Slee. A Committee on

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Because his name is so intimately associated with our knowledge of the

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lease of renin in response to the stimulus of a low

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which are diagrammatic there are 119 figures and 22 plates made

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apparently justified in considering this germ as the specific cause of

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necrotic putrefying papillse of the foetal placenta. If we remove

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brane or the walls of the intestine. The infection of the mucous

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table accurately localizes the hemorrhage site. With

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passage of thromboplastic material such as amniotic

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diseases the rapid and certain diagnosis of latent diseases which

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otitis externa for one half year. The symptons consisted in a

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countries excepting the United States is recognized as the proper person to

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nutrition after the Ivalon sponge operation the return of a

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move the contained teeth stuff cavity with lint till it begins to granulate.

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will realize the importance of aiding the authorities who are work

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a splendid recovery. No microscopic examination was made in this

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u been divided into several subcommittees each one being

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Blaufox s cases really do not bear on this question.

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Winsted also reporters of the Hartford Times and Courant.

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fever. This suggests that in Calhoun s day a large portion of the

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with the object in view of dividing the responsibility as in the