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tion however of the treatment of syphilis by mercury we can place but

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grains 1.296 grammes of thymol in tablet form and 4 drachms

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certain protective arrangements. While looking at it from a stand

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given in Tables V. and VI. As a part of this experiment human

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direction in this respect. She has set a noteworthy pace for her sister

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limbs and on other parts of the trunk. Sometimes these occur long after

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and assistance to the doctor has occurred and been met.

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blood appeared to be localized in the right side of

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twichings grinding of the teeth restlessness or peevishness which in chil

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in the generalized bony lesions of osteoporosis and called osteitism

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iodine. When the patient was directly confronted with the

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having their tissues for a second series of inoculations as with the

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preventing the presence and multiplication of bacteria. Ameriean

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Both of the goats inoculated with human culture K gained in

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neck more than the collar. The injury on the upper part of the

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the patients and those who have charge of them to avoid everything

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determination of urine VMA a regitine test a timed intra

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because of the disease. In one case a man was infected by using

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bill until the doctor and jxitient have resolved their

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the chest from disorders of the bowels. Ambrose Bierce

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impoitaiu in a clilicrtMit situation. It is coiueivaljle

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nary science. The brightest minds of this and foreign countries

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search The Medical School and the Teaching Hospital. New

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pneumonia. The germs are in the air and it needs only a favorable

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take a special attention for their food which is in other words

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treatment. November 19th the discharge has somewhat dimin

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mically. The animal is then rubbed with a stimulating liniment

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llgs counter opcnings drainage tubes repeated partial evacuations by as

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feeling that it is entitled to a prompt and specific

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United States. If the Slate of Illinois had a live stock sanitary

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at the time of the development of the tumor I have seen colts

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besides other preparations which it is desired to be absorbed

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kysms threaten. Usually the child should be placed on the right side

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our article. You are correct in saying that the coagu

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our veterinary literature one of which dourine has already gained

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proper sire and dam to produce the desired progeny.

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Iding peritoneum tn inlants because descending mesocolon often ex

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revealed tubercle bacilli in small numbers. On the external sur

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answer must be given and in answering I make use of a theory

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have been thoroughly disinfected that usually seems to be sufficient

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road accident and his death was indirectly due to this cause.

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pressure sore will be caused. This was noticed some years ago

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gether with second year medical students are joint

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Veterinarians in the East should be on their guard against one

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sistance. Some of it was due to tlie residents pre

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the Pasteur treatment November 5th six days after having been

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with the desquamation of the cuticle. Aftet repeated attacks the volume

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whereas the apparently milder cases died very quickly and very

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I CAN assure you I esteem it a great privilege and honor

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sened materially our progress and importance. Sectional work wil

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the cavity and openings are healing nicely the pus appears

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ie tirincpale and in very advanced cases almost colorless. Occasionally

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use of naphthalin in cases of larvae of the oestridse most useful.

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from pressure of intra craniai nodes. Diagfiosis. Ulcerations

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in acute cases are prepared chalk aromatic confection catechu kino log

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haemorrhage. 3. Sudden serous effusion in large quantity is equally

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At this season persons cannot be too careful about exposing them

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was injected into the rabbit one half cubic centimetre being placed

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parasite is still alive and his carcass is consumed by man they

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in its progress more liable to prove occult in its course and in

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The other papers presented that attracted considerable attention were

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Board eligible seeks interesting professional oppor

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A letter from the Secretary of the Winnipeg Humane Society was read

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here that the inajorily of cases occur in persons whose age varies

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ing to increased arterial flow and show a corkscrew

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lined in The Journal of Comparative Medicine Etc. vol.