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Society convened for its annual session at the Northampton
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rise within twenty-four hours of inoculation, whereas local
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it. on 1422 cases ubRerved in the ehildrens' clinic •at Cooper
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salts of copper. Hare has also successfully administered
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in a smaller proportion. A kidney may often be easily
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extraction is likely to give, there is little reason for doing the
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of organization. Organization will give confidence to
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be advised, the proportion depending on which of the
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typhoid bacillus has never been found once in the innumerable
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accomplished, and if the nasal lesion at the same time
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4tb D. arches and fragments of bone ; cord found cut. No Im-
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result of either a toxemia or an infection, but apparently not
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your Board would suggest that the secretaries give preference
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cession. The jaws are not now required for the purpose they
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W. Dav and Lawrence Litchfield, Pittsburgh, as members of its
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ject, cites a number of cases reported by Dr. J. K.
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Case 206. — Operator. RldenotO-, 1805. Dorsal region. Btmck
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American Medical Association, ScrlVanI, Minn., June 4-7.
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an eminent neurologist presumably well qualified to
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the close of the annual meeting at which they are electa and
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a cure can be quite confidently predicted. In older cases, of
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small orange lay in the posterior inferior portion of the
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large recurrent hemoptyses, and lastly the chronic uni-
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to a joint would determine localization, by way of the
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Value, but too often of no Practical Value and may Misguide
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mechanical influen(!e8; or else they must be considered
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rubbet cord in figure-of-eight fashion was then to be
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determine the presence or absence of free blood in the
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mittee because of our nonentity In Congress. We have a foothold
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influenza, diphtheria or the exanthemata. Indeed, it
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American Gynecological Association, Chicago, May 28, 1901.
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3. Annals of Gynecology and Pediatrics, January, 1893.
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in the humane society's pamphlet, whereas Dr. Went-
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University • of Pennsylvania and others have appeared before
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very little bearing on this most unusual form of hernia. In
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