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clonus disappeared. On .January 14th the patient was found

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large part of this must necessarily find its way into the

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In reply to Colonel Brookfield, Witness said it was no

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side are implicated by the growt,h in the petrous portion of the temporal

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New Members. — "Yh^ following gentlemen were elected: H.

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rest in bed. This is matter of common experience, and I

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Professor Balassa's clinic. On the outbreak of the \ ar of

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Wareham, Charing Cross Hospital; H. J. Weston, St. Baitiolo-

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bacillus, and of the bacillus coli. Its cultivation, however,

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the infective and contagious diseases ; and yet they argue,

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drinker, and ataxic patient, and a neuralgic patient, all cured

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Vol. ill. London : Sampson Low, Marston and Co. 46s.

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Mitchell- Ramsay.— On April 27th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, by

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improved diagnosis. At Leicester infantile vaccination has

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of a piece of ToBg^erenrf^v'ed for assistance in diagnosis. " '

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be from the point at which we shall reach the ultimate of our

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this Di-trict will tike place oo Friday, May 9th, at the Hospital, Graces-

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Translation into hieroglyphs, phonetics, and English of part of the British Museum Medical Papyrus, as rendered by Dr. Birch from.the

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among the most distinguished licentiates of the College. At

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Overcrowding of Paris Hospitals. — The Tax on Medical

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(By Edwin Goodall, M.D.Lond., B.9., M.R.C.P., Assistant