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red staining of the normal skin. The whiteness is not indicative of the

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Possibly there is some virus acting on the nerve-centres. This hypo-

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hair, iris, and choroid ; its subjects are called albinoes. The skin appears

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he has it in his power to take a wife. It is but a very poor

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liminary mark. Hence the correct mark is 0.072 0.0075

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disturbed sleep. Irritation of the urethra by abnormally acid urine will,

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use of her limbs, in full possession of her senses, and able to speak and

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after all traces of the latter eruption have faded elsewhere. During

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he attached to these words, the limits of this paper forbid

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ear, afforded Sir Hugh all the consolation he needed and

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a surgical operation was practised (chiefly on children)

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Pathogeny. — What is the meaning of this impairment of irritability ?

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to the position of the arms — held in front of the patient — and to the

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laboratory technicians in Armed Forces laboratories. It also pro-

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enough from some disturbance from without or within, of a brain whose

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the technical narrative, their autobiographical interest, must

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states that lentigo forms part of the skin-atrophy of old age, and that it

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she becomes egoistic ; the time when the life of another human being

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certain, to be accompanied by the same. It is improbable that the

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Fundamentally, an oxidation-reduction reaction consists of a

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susceptibility to certain drugs, like that to toxic effects from articles of

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as from loss of kindred ; severe revulsions of feeling, as from seduction,

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Bites of Mosquitoes, Ind. Med. Gaz. vol. xxxiv. 1899, pp. 1-3 ; Brit. Med. Jour. July 1,

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tively short space of time (500 or more per day), certain modifi-

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subjacent skin at the centre ; less intimately so at the margin. "When

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the rigid muscles. Cold applications are sometimes successful, and

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lice. White precipitate ointment should be applied without cutting

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Every effort should be made to procure sleep without the administration

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The means of cure often include long absences from home under ex-

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it as a form of Staphylococcus pyogenes albus. (ii.) Bacillus subtilis.

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composite group includes about l - 5 per cent of our school population (4).

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coloniale, Janvier 1891, p. 1. Moles : 9. Baker. Moeant. Lancet, 1877, ii. p.

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thusiastic musician in his later time. Though his politeness

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condition is rare, and nothing is known of its etiology, except that it is

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keeps on the hither line of insanity he is safe, and the large majority are

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4. Keratodermia erythematodes (" Erythema keratodes " of Brooke),

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epilepsy is the full-blown manifestation of the hysterical paroxysm, of

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Attacks of mental disease are often determined by the great physio-

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Bouveret and Devic, who, in three cases of tetany with gastric dilatation,

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Here and there, standing out from the deep purple-red patches,

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cannot but believe that the heredity has been at times assumed to exist.

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removed during life) are in large proportion basophil granular corpuscles or

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Jahrbuchfiir Pddiatrik, vol. viii. 1878, p. 165. Illustrated.— 28. Ohmann-Dumesnil.