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The report of the Committee on Resolutions was on motion unanimously

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Beef bouillon to which has been added 1 to 2 per cent of

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that night I found her still standing and apparently well. She

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eases of tuberculosis in young children in whom the intestine was

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will resume eating. As soon as the abscess is sufficiently developed

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means an artery so affected in either of the extremities he would probably

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mum but under the methods by which sheep must be handled

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to and infecting running streams foodstuffs that had been raised on

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grafts. In the balding man often 200 grafts are re

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terest in Infectious Diseases desires jtrivate practice

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port. It has been found helpful to make out a brief

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Whereas It has pleased the Almighty to remove from our midst Dr.

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of the healthy tissue. The chemical action of the deliquescent potassa

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comings and insectirities. Tolerance of others may well start

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at which time the election of officers and appointment of committees will

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