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tributed to the success of the program in the past. I hope


of the blood, which is prone to occur in scrofulous children, or adults

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Case III. — Boy, age 6, while crossing the street was

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tions of the air passages. Low and falling temperature, high

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Idiopathic PericystitiB. — Dr. Joseph Englisch, of the

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of the child by certain actions of the abdominal muscles." — p. 84.

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it has been said that any ordinary man is able to detect any

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Emollient medications, hot and steam baths will relieve the discomfort

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or half an hour. He doubted strongly the effect of the pipe

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The case may be termed a moderately severe one, and corresponds

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development of pathological phenomena is hardly to be surmised.

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microscopical examination of the cyst wall showed it to have been

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endeavored to classify them, so as to facilitate future research, but it must be confessed,

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of the physician of his own choice if that physician does

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an inflammation adequate to cause suppuration and ulceration,

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rheumatism, gout, arthritis, etc. ; but they should be

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tion of mesenteric cysts is summarized as follows : (i) The

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varied from 7 to 46 annually. In 1849 they suddenly rose to 148, and iu

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celui de bi cornee. Arch, de bi' 1., G;ind &. Leipz., 1890, x,

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may possess this susceptibility, each case manifesting it in more

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I made them as comfortable as I could, and established as

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The eruption of small-pox generally leads to more or less destruction

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the entire true pathological existence of which terminates with the

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of chronic diseases of the stomach. Ochsner of Chicago, believes that

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derangements. Amer. Jour. Ophth. v. 7, p. 16, Jan. 1924.

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the vine clasps whatever it reaches. Those of the solar plexus supply

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to move toward using and developing efficient, low-