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BYetres 20 feet. The operation renders the eye very hypermetropic for
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Do not use in patients with the following conditions unless
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finct we may conclude i. That a rupture of stomach or intestine
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Case V. Grade shorthorn cow in good condition weight
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Death 8. A red heifer about eighteen months old and in good
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then delivery is usually easily enough accomplished. Some veteri
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promised to produce the mare in evidence at the next meeting.
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animal recovered but was three months completing it.
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lems of fertility sterility and family planning. He
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into sugar or glucose before absorption or assimilation takes
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toxin in large doses which seemed to ameliorate the condition and the
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IliaCy Common Line of artery from half inch to left of umbilicus to
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easy to arrive at a decision in such cases because in
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as usual direct to the Journal office. We also wish to state that
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mftmns. Patient generally applies for advice either because of the
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enter the lesion. If the injected suhstauce is radioactive
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President James Martin Secretary Treasurer Anderson Crovrforth
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naturally larger than is the upper at the lower part of the heels
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Association have been somewhat negligent in reporting for this committee.
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the projtosed training program for I.V. technicians
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and Norman L. R. Intravenous Drug Eherapy of Stokes
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in the circulation. In old aneurisms in which the galleries already
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gradually increasing. On twelfth day could not drink extremely
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tion to the clinical findings in the patient against
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be carried out by neurophysiologists and neuroanatomists
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neath them. So far all outbreaks noted begin eight days to five
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h known as Amblyopia and when light cannot be distinguished from
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nearlf four times. A high school education will increase his chances twenty
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be taken up by the delicate rootlets for the tissue building of the
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cated in the text. The number indication of the top and
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advocating year round regular exercise to lessen the
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and diarrhoea when the infection takes place through milk and in
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cept the fact that the proper therapy which at times
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childhood an arrest of growth on one side the opposite side continuing to
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it is impossible to expect anything short of failure or at
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small scabs and painful to pressure. The cubital ganglion of
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carried out along the same lines by every city aud town in New
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low spots in the otherwise more elevated pastures. As a rule
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Medicine 160 St. Ronan Street New Haven Conn. 06511
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giant platelets as large as erytbrocytes were seen figure 2.
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was given and later several doses of antifebrin were given at reg
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saddler terms cast in either downward or upward direction
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The data which follow were collected retrospective
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sw er format seems to be an excellent way to handle
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Ostitis Inflammation may begin in the bone proper without affecting
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or the presence of other risk factors. Clues to the
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will apply very closely. This is also true of the lymphatic glands
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Itching and slight injection of the conjunctiva these soon become intense
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of the skin reflects protein loss and negative nitro
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E. Intramyocardial Lesion in Patients Dying Suddenly and
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these were in contact with other dogs affected with distemp
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it with its contents through the incision to the outside as it is
Anomaly of the Kidneys. In an adult pig the two kidneys
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from the first appearance of the attack. It was not my privilege
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said to have changed to a noticeable degree. The virulence was
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is suspected Ijecause of the persistence of the symptoms and be