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DR. PETER A. WARD Associate Professor Department of

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power in war was a worldwide anxiety. The problems of

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Drs. Lyford and Brimhall of Minneapolis were in attendance

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region is painful. On the right side the vesicular murmur of the

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In order to follow each successive step in a complete enterectomy

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much indurated no fever present and the milk very much de

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state medical societies liaison committee with nurs

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Gastrointestinal effects such as diarrhea constipation nauseo vomiting and abdominal discom

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cleaved from the fifth component of guinea pig complement.

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terpretation of these complex situations lie in the

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times require strong assistants to manage them in the stage of excitement

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McNeil thought that profuse sweating in the summer also helps to prevent

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white paper. For half tones glossy photographs should be

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stored red cells atid previouslv frozen red cells..Maiylattd

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sanitary commissions or the National Bureau of Animal Industry

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ANUS FlBBUre of usually accompanied by anal ulcer. Causes.

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eight days after inoculation. Autopsy The subcutaneous lesions

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ment is unsatisfactory. It attacks horses of all ages under

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infarction is of the inferior wall. In most patients

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the production of compounds of the kreatin group as of such of the

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kept in an adjoining pasture seemed to weaken this theory. In

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especially of certain centres of the medulla oblongata should not

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fluctuated and finally the abscess broke. The orifice became sur

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thickening of the blood so that it cannot circulate and to the chemical

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ferring to the long period of time that elapsed before active measures were

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Adrenergic Neurotransmission. Ciba Foundation Study Group

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of the toad is poisonous. 4. The toxicity of the blood is destroyed

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ance of physical exercise and emotional disturbance are all valuable

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extend the purposes of the volume. Interestingly.Sigtnund

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pletely destroy it this is sufficient for the first operation. The speculum

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succeeded in transferring tuberculosis from this case on guinea pigs

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Schmidt P. J. Gamma globulin in the prophylaxis of post

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tion practically normal. The pupils of the eyes had assumed their

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possible clinical application of thymic preparations.

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soon coalescing and forming a thick yellowish to light red smooth

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favorable recommendation all at the dictation of certain powerful influences

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the prognosis is not altogether hopeless. If the patient be young of good

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to stay two or three months thus obtaining a more permanent cure. One

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meningitis which spreading rapidly extends to the intracranial portion of

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time of the American Veterinary Medical Association and especially in

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farcts. Subject a bitch succumbing in three days to the removal

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the oxygen alone that we need. We also need the sunlight with

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borderline nutritional status. Most of the remainder

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In order to have a proper appreciation of the hygienic trea

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veldt where this disease is prevalent and it may be that the poison

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Ottawa as the place for the convention. This is a splendid tribute

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I lt nc in thirty four. Chief Dangers. Brain symptoms a

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entertainment of the American Veterinary Medical Association at its

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lated intraperitoneally. This was killed March 4th and cultures

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fore it is not po.ssihle iti an article such as this to

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all of which showed tubercle bacilli in abundance those of the

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Dr. Peterson expressed his sympathy with the work of the Fa

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ogists leel that this cell is not very specific and is

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protargol solution. Discharge stopped on an average after irrigat

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meeting probably on the Monday afternoon preceding the meeting of the

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being in reality retained. The passage of indurated faeces may give rise tea

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plaints and what they mean and detailed di.scussions follow