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observed to be especially the subjects of volvulus.

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The term "appendicitis" includes the affections typhlitis (inflamma-

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Symptoms. — In the majority of instances the clinical symptoms

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constant fatigue. Palpitation of the heart and di/spnea on slight exer-

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palpitation, and cyanosis. Later recurrences arise on every provocation.

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The symptoms that characterize miliary fever are fever with its

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gradually increased until at the end of a week or ten days large quanti-

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cases of nephritis, as already mentioned, in which a fair amount of urine

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ant, and particularly in order that relapses may be avoided.

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That this condition exists alone is questioned, as I have already stated.

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corded in which one form or other of myopathy developed. In a few

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ing on awakening from a sound sleep. Positive evidence of the affection

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ism is more common here than is opiumism, except among the poverty-

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process does not interfere with the portal circulation. In some cases

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it will be difficult to find one who will be able at present to successfully

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Special Etiology. — (1) Acute Endocarditis. — Incomplete resolution of

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of Hansemann, occurring in 36 out of 40 cases of pancreatic diabetes.

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commonly the case, of an increase in pigmentation with a formation of

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boracic acid (gr. x-5J— 0.648-32.0), creolin {Vfl v-5J— 0.324-32.0), or

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albumin and 259 grams of fat, a total of 277 grams (2894 calories), are

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discussed the difficulties of college professors in getting students

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in the chamber is merely whipped up, and the deposition of its fibrin

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Urates. — These are increased in pathologic conditions that give rise

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The paf]i<ilo)jij is doubtful. In those cases that have been subjected

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ministered in the earlier stages of the disease. At the same time the

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to the pelvis from lower portions of the urinary tract may occur in pro-

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noticed in the face. Friedreich emphasizes hoarseness, and Packard

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These signs are not uncommonly situated at the apices.

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monia, and cut sections lack the granular character of the latter.

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attributed to exposure to cold or wet (rheumatic peritonitis). These so-

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it is yet detectable in a large majority of instances, whilst I have never

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The urine does not present any marked There are always present marked and

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