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cereal foods, morning- baths and g-ymnastics, etc.,
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Southampton Times— North Bdtish Agricidturist — Gazette des H6pitaux
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ously incidentally referred to unnecessary and hasty cranioto-
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acter and ([uality of the thyroid secretion we may have
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nearly a month in a wet grave, and was to a certain extent ' macerated.
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Has (or many months been very quiet and civil, and behaves with per-
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similarity between the effects obtained by Deutschmann
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— a Thomas splint, which 1 have so modified as to afford means of
naproxen ec 375 mg uses
In another case, one of melano-leucopathia, which I
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number from fifteen to twenty, appear to be of the race-
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the decomposition of sodium quadriurate ; (12,) The solubility of
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County from Frankfort, Iowa, and had a long experience in his profession. He
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poses the notion that a niicrobicide is the more effectual
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April 22d he took 80 drops. Vesicular eruption on both
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surface of the animal. I can therefore only attribute the results
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may need to be disguised in the jargon of a cult, and their
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The portion of the visual field which is thus blotted out is originally very
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The severity and the mortality of small-pox has led many to
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of the globoid bodies of poliomyelitis. In each Florence flask, of
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has disappeared as noted by Orloff. This has been regarded
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then that a more surely acting agent should be looked for in
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ment of the congestion, but if its use be postponed,
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eye quite frequently. A sloughing ulcer sometimes extends rapidly,
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Death from shock or acute anemia is of rare occurrence.
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One can conclude, therefore, that in rickets there is no
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d'opht., Par., 1897. xvi, 49-51. — Buu'ran (H.) An easy
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who dies in this hospital is carefully examined after death ; hence, the
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thionolin, and thionol, and, according to Rosin, some methylene
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fr()m July 1 to August 10. Her weight just before the treatment
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tional disturbance may precede its actua lonset. In the chronic variety,
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appoint a body of assessors, or visitors, or examiners (words
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little else. Case I., from his excessive weakness, had for some days
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proper pedicle, yet the broad ligament was Brought so far into the va-
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jected and returned unchanged in fifteen minutes, some other
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in such cases would be highly improper. — Lancet, June 9, 1866.
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6. Bokus Gastroenterology, 2nd Edition, Vol. 2, p. 221, W. B.
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very severe form of lisping, in which the patient's speech is so altered
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important part in the process of self-defence. Finsen and
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mencing in the middle of June and terminating at the end of
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writing languishing daily and the phenomena growing milder. He
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deceased, a boy, died from an internal strangulation of the intestine from
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eyes. Edinb. Ho.sp. Re|)., 1893, i, 569-574. . Latent
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the ordinary passages, or are expelled during some acute attack
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prove fatal in spite of any remedy that may be enforced. This election
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with public and private institutions, also having a large