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Smellie's numerous pupils. He lectured on midwifery, and in 1709 was

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w<^»i«. He ha<l not previously been sick enough to consult a physician. He

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ments and by the position of the patient, it is probable that it is more often

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Fullerton states that microorganisms do not form the nucleus of stone,

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town of 7500. New air-conditioned, ground floor of-

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opened up l)y a large cyst of the ovary with very many loculi with thin walls ;

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In Case XXYII. we have a favourable account of a natural labour, face

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great aptness. She grew to be irritable, clumsy and disagreeable,

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During the month of June, 1873, he complained of severe pain

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, I" n.,n,.,„ tnc-r >,,-.,. ,„J ,1„. u.-,c-.,ll u ,.,„,!-. .a-.-d In 1,1,1, .vpln-

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4. Sydenham T: A treatise on gout and dropsy. In: Latham, RG, ed.,

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positive chemiotaxis, it strengthens the bodily de-

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rison between the horse and the cow. The horse salutes

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' I am aware that Dr. Gurdon Buck, of New York, in descril)ing his mode of

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otomy done. The patients should be kept turned from side to side as

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be too great, and possibly be followed by intra-ocular

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and related his history at length. The peculiarity of the

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where the uterus has been retroverted. I have long since pointed out that

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outbursts of temper being (juite common on the slightest provocation. /Vr'"

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a definite course, but which only partially subsided

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Lastly, when the cloacal anus has reached the neighborhood of

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in question, as it appeared in the principal Medical Journals.

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inveteres ])ar les appareds aun.)vo-inamovildes eu feutre

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The chief value of this position is to give the exam-

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These results show that the losses in weight of the sows, due to the

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gated together, and made their existence manifest under

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by means of the microscope, but require for their detection processes of

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far as I am concerned, it deserves to be placed with the

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Admission of American Students to the University. —

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place, and away from the light and fire. It evaporates rapidly at ordi-

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than upon any attempt to combat the infection itself. Vaccine therapy