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as to alcohol in our public schools. This action has been
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3. Acute concurrent inflammations, as illustrated by the case
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cidents that served to arouse to a flame a previously
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in later life than the normal population. Assuming this to be so, however,
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Baccelli ■. Sulla febbre subcontinua, Rome, 1866.
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a slight tinge ; powerful odor and taste ; do not saponify ; absorb
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1885, vii, 354-359. Also: Eev. mens. (1. raal. de I'enf., Par.,
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sanitarium in hot weather. "We learn with pleasure that Dr.
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there is a sense of formication, and of stiffness and sluggishness in the
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the skin is thickened ; and there is intense itching.
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here expressed. Hereditary susceptibility to disease or other
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dampness of soil. I believe, too, that the affections of the lungs which are
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enterprising women are trying to raise another $100,000^
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body surface, which, gradually localizing itself in the
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to which it is, in consequence, subjected, is not, as a general rule, productive
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case which he had reported to the Society some time
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drawn to the sound side during deglutition. The muscles siipplii-d
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air before the breathing began. Although it was impossible in many
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Metschnikoff's views is derived from the glamour of evolu-
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finger is then inserted into the superior angle of the wound, directly
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stone colic and obstruction even to the extent of jaundice. Mayo
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edly, if you are satisfied, upon the evidence of Dr. Uams-
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almost invariable rule that in fatal diphtheria the
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seven minutes. The injection of the diluted ammonia was not more
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very little fever. By the eighth day desiccation. From this and the
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NEUEALGIA: its various Forms, Pathology, and Treatment. The
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serviceable to physicians who are to testify in court
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into the areolar tissue are the poorest in this constituent. When albumen
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