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was unchanged by medical treatment. It remained as long as
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creasote, cod-liver oil, and other tonics. Expectorants are of little if any value.
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5. Devise a sanitary system for the removal of gar-
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doses of the milder cathartics, and repeat them at moderate in-
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9eems to be the sole aim and object with many people to
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administered to his own daughter a dose of tartar emetic; it did not
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geons of England, 4 P.M. Professor Huxley, " On the Classi-
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ment of the Carney Hospital or at the Women's Room in the Boston Dis-
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some of the functions of organic life acquire increased energy, and that
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not favorable here to manufacturing this sugar. Over a
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surroundings living the active life much as that great delineator
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At the risk of mortally offending the editors and publishers
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with cases showing mental excitement, laughing and jabbering all day
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remained in strict seclusion as far as possible, spending
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employing means for resuscitation. If the body has been for half an hour or
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of the femur. It does not, as a rule, affect the joints ;
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large quantity of these small daughter-cells were evacuated, all
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case of this sort, where by successive operations he
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together in a water bath, after which the acid is added, and all
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Other papers have been received and are under consideration.
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Alcohol drinkers are especially liable to that dreaded disease, pneu-
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treatment or prevention ; it was useful in articular disorders,
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fair degree of accuracy the osmotic pressure of gelatin solutions on
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Commenting on these figures, the Price Current calls attention to
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more perfect unanimity of opinion in regard to any one point,
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air (denser to rarer), it will be bent cmay from the per-
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existence was probable, but not certain; in 5 cases it was
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the first operation. Seven calculi were found, about the size and shape of lima
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developmental construction is the logical operation in
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and, especially, here and there, has a much coarser net-wurk,
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mentioned a case that had greatly interested him, in the hope, that be might