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healing power of nature. The dispersion of the Greek science and

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wise be apt to be anything but good or easily sterilized.

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to infectious diseases. Pneumonia is not infrequent (Stewart, 7 per

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current arcs. An alternating pressure of 35 volts means a

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Dr. Bauer was aware of the fact that epithetiaj can-

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cause. This increase is especially marked immediately after crisis

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substance of the lung. It occurs, not only as secondary to tuberculous

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avoid any active interference, such as faradism, until he had

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of very uncertain diagnosis. I do not propose now to enter

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E. W. The patient was operated on for symptoms of gall-

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f pravastatin. However, when pravastatin was administered 1 hour before or 4 hours after cholestyramine or 1 hour before