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ptis cellulitis and septic absorption giving rise to pya mia may occur.

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regarding the ravages of charbon both in lower animals and

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On motion the Society proceeded to the election of officers.

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low incidence of CNS stimulation. Because TEPANIL works

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regulations that his experience will have shown to be practical.

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to be slaughtered. This neighbor was the man who originally had

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it located it beyond doubt in the salivary glands the pancreas and

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endometritis and treated her with iodine. She was bred afterward and

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of a tendon one from sputum one from pulmonary tubercle of a

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or scientific prestige whatever have only to advance some theory

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response has been the study of chemotaxis of leuko

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should be made in black ink preferably India ink on

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al integrity. Accordingly if the obese hypertensive

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of this treatment was a quite large and diffused swelling of the

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an abundance of frothy material and the bronchi were moderately

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lowing heads i. Mechanical injuries solution of continuity or sudden

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il atrophy of the skin is observed in the form of white scarlike

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Canada. Secretary Repp is carrying on the work of his office in a

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Again we say judged by existing government standards the

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operations is lost by the difficulties attending the lack of knowl

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looked in America by the philanthropists of our profession. It is

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spotted. The intestines were not especially noticed. He would

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within the body by perverted functions of the organs or tissues

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Dr. Hoskins thought not and was defended by Dr. Ridge who said that

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as isotopic angiography it is still wdse to perform

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H. Scott Newton Iowa John Servatius Ottawa Kas. William

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and the approach to its solution is analysis followed

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in private practice the amount of albumen passed is approximativdj

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member of our Association and profession therefore be it

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i o ascites. The following pill w ill sometimes produce a good effect

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attention and that response to alcohol may be potentiated.

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deep narrow heels a hard dry wasted frog and contracted feet.

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In reference to meat inspection. Dr. Pearson thought that influence may

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a capsule containing half a drachm of croton oil which I could

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public service that might encourage the Judge to lessen the

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men distinguished as diathesis from dyscrasia. Following

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esft red and swollen and swallowing is painful while the catarrhal condi

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showed that in seven others small scars were found on the body

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breed to spread tuberculosis among the cattle of the world and

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several written examinations through the first year

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My attention was first called to the possible existence of foot and

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round. Most machines are so constructed that during cold weather heat is

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drop was used to clear the passages if the nose was

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suffice to complete the cicatrization of the ulcers of the interdigital

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stroyed in the body but arrested by certain molecules of the proto

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least atrophic. The microscopic examination of both nerves

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three drachms and water one pint boiled and cooled to 100 F.

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strong State Association and the good work it is doing of the law

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stand how easily through products of commencing retrogressive

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contraction of the abdominal muscles. The heart could not be

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ing bone from hock to fetlock. The animal was cast and kept

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the Vice President Dr. Charles Doerrie of Boonville the President Dr

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creased metabolism but to altered sensitivity of the

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regard it has been successfully used to treat several

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Scovillc W. B. Late Results of Orbital L ndcrcutting Re

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foot comes in contact with the ground. The colt s foot grows more

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closing the vesicles are separated and thrown off in more or less

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alive and in the same condition as when I saw her last August

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work until Thursday evening January 23. On the evening of this

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blood to elimitiate ambiguous legal interpretations.

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actually present and in operation must be removed by an emetic an

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of developing teeth. This effect occurs mostly during long term

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lilute or aromatic sulphuric acid with laudanum Dover s powder alone

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