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ment of diseased animals. Students have personal care of animals in

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grazing laige quantities entering the stomach and bowels.

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CASTRATION. Required for malignant or other hopeless disease of

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somewhal the type of veins. This has been observed by all who

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in each State in which the veterinary sciences have attained any

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Advertising Bureau of Chicago shall be accepted for

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hom. Porter and indeed all other authorities on this subject have seen this

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Private insurance programs for basic coverage do not now make provision

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Fall of 1969 with Dr. Spitz to serve as chairman of

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pidilished three papers describing its nature in 1847

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missibility from cattle to man. We must remember also that

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fluenced by its situation size form rapidity of formation and direction

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inarian. It corresponds in its effects to the curetting of the placenta

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cember January aod February in Northern China are very cold

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CA NCR I M ORIS or Gangrenous Stomatitis. A phagedenic ulcera

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advanced. M. Bang of Denmark produced the certificate of

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follow the principles of obstetrics as taught in our leading text

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tuberculosis has much less importance than cattle considered as a

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a comprehensive topic review for the already initiated and a

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idtimately fatal regardless of palliative procedures

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three years this institution never wavered from its high sense of

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tained some ten nodules about the size of a pea. In every other

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have been taken to the centaur Cherion that he might teach

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group. Every horse was weighed twice daily. The experiment

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The anti peristaltic movements of the intestines bring them back

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poisonous. Uric acid for instance is not a poison but it causes

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For the purpose of explaining and systematizing the work the

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Seborrheic Dermatitis involving neck anterior chest and

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research team for their help in data tabulation and to Dr.

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among the London Fire Brigade horses that are kept ready har

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arteriographic diagnosis. The ulcer was oversewn and the

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the Iowa State Veterinary Medical Association February 12

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animals gradually improved in condition and gained in weight

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The fifth annual commencement exercises of this college weri

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short distance away was its master s residence. Hence on run

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cl Pathology Hard section concave white or gray dotted with

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Peritonitis and Chronic Recurrent Massive Chylous Ascites

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disease is the effect of such agents on blood pressure.

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that everything had been tried in vain and several veterinarians

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greatly emphasizes the importance of the profession of veteri

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a great deal to the understanding of the immunological proc

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ancy. It usually appears in the form of cresccntic patches on the

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expelled 5 grains more of barium chloride was given into

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because it describes the first American work that has been done

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Bureau of the State Board of Agriculture under the provisions of

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National and State work to our sessions and not find them attend

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conducted free of charge and it consists in examination for diagno

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have improved many major and complex problems remain

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Resolve That in the death of Dr. Huidekoper the veterinariana

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Industry. In some instances agents of the Bureau of Animal Indus

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some poisonous fungus that attacks certain plants at certain times

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The shock was especially palpable along the cartilages of the asternal

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the pathological characters of a new growth with those of an

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any practical education in this line of practice. He often far

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St. Vincent s Hospital. He was past president of the

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paralleled by scientific attention to the cause of this

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in skin that is clinically and histologically normal

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Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders within a Therapeutic Community

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other was the availability of corticosteroid therapy.

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The regular meeting of the Alumni Association of the New York

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reader to recognize the points that are important to him in

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