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ting isotopes are being evaluated. Their role is to

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application of the information we now possess in regard to this

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enlargement of pelvic and lumbar glands sometimes cancer cells are found

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Connecticut opened its coronary intensive care unit

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before many years be of assistance and benefit to its members.

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bacteriological laboratory but that he possess sufficient knowledge

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has been extensively administered and statistics are very much in

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dropsy it is always limited to the subcutaneous tissues and is usually

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is a misnomer. It is in reality a localli ed osteo

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breeds and their management. The veterinarian should be a better judge

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Of the smears taken from different parts of the larynx and

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because of its greater specificity and saftey. It is

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mycetes than in the subcutaneous lesions. An occasional giant

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cricoid have been denied because the spreading of the cricoid cartil

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parent that spontaneous fibrinolytic activity is also

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sideration extends deeply into the tissues far beyond the skin

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reference books but the price places them beyond the ac

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from the rectum. He undertook to shove the colt back but could

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diac veins witit cessation of flow five weeks after

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paper and finally through a Berkfeldt filter which removes all

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ence of fever second the peculiar looseness of the bowels third

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derwent operation on his seventeenth hospital day. Prior

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cover an effective antitoxin he will place the raiser shipper and purchaser

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most earnest and devoted member of the profession. Suddenly

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brain as well as tho.se within its substance were minimally

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urine. During the paroxysm there is insufficient elimination of uric and

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Dr. Ranck brought up the subject of the advisability of veterinarians

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the American Museum of Natural History to search the plains of

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certificate with all imports of hides of one kind and another

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rhoea ensues nutrition becomes still more disordered and new formations

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handle receives the rubber tubing of the syringe and the water

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which is submitted for publication all letters will be

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tion of tuberculosis was being investigated by the State he was

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but usually infrequent at recommended dosages. Slight drows

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die but owing to the emaciation due to the fever and the inability

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ulitis was diagnosed by x ray in 1 of the cases. He

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this part of the suggestion. I have supervised the killing of a

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lying and mostly seen in pregnant cows. The vagina differs in

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Several Eastern veterinariaDs on their return from the eonven

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the northwest and the southwest. The central counties extending to the

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their effects on blood flow in other tissues. Lactate

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Presiding William F. Eckhardt Jr. Neiv Canaan Connecticut

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First the just mentioned chemical difference between diphtheria

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Respirations were not very rapid and quite unlike an ordinary

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finds us without any such society for the protection or support of one

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that all milk used for food purposes to be consumed raw to be

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some discussion it was decided that a board of directors was essential the

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vaccinating some cattle and my attention was called to a grade

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rent doubles around the aorta and immediately behind this place

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plex. Comparing this with previous editions it is not sur

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destructive in different localities in Montana a few owners having

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are usually so common in dogs in the District of Columbia in the

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therapeutic agents in patients with mycosis fungoides. Can

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tagium but apparently due to a vegetable fungus. Might not this

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am frank enough to say we are not getting enough benefit for the

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ulcers two above and two below are found in the ileum. Mesen

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State Veterinarian is an officer of the college and Experiment Sta

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the Journal listing name and initials of author title of

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earlier period usual. Such early incisions predispose to pyaemia Billroth.

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small animal organism protozoan which seems at all times to exist

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work sjjurs the lesser scientist on to continued ef

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aieana similar to those mentioned under acute bronchitis and similar pre

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culin to diagnose the presence of tuberculosis. The weight of

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theories of personality and psychopathology neurology as

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valve replacement in a 50 yeai old man. Emergency ar

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tion could now be ondertaken the technique being as follows

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A drainage tube was inserted but was soon displaced. At the end

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regions where the fluoride content of drinking water

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connected with the regents in each State with the post office address

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therefore eliminated by the kidneys. The supporters of this view hold

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lected by irrigating the vaginal pool with a dispos