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that it is caused by taking into the mouth or stomach some fungus

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quite distinct. In order not to prolong this discussion beyond

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Among the first day visitors to the Dog Show in Philadelphia

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daily capacity of the factory the blood of the 300 cattle slaughtered

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toms accompanied sometimes with pains in one or more joints resembling

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surra explains satisfactorily a number of points which have long

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fifty members of the Society were in attendance. They entertained as their

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somewhat resembles the fever of malaria in its behavior. However

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and hasten the detachment by stimulating normal uterine functions.

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B. Angiographic findings in patient with tuberous sclerosis.

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cleanliness is observed the jugs being washed in boiled water at

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held in the college buildings Temperance Street March 27 1902. Th

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supported showing that locomotion was greatly interfered with.

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probably its definite diagnosis by Dr. Wilson of the Laboratory of

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spleen. There was nothing to indicate disease or abnormality

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do for future additions to the profession in that no other college

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striction across the brows ringing in the ears largely dilated pupils respond

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ness as seen in the accompanying photograph and yet she died

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not being received for the annual meeting. Exhibits large or small not more

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the method of injection. If it be subcutaneous the venom bein

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made when possible. Veterinarians should avail themselves of the

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measures are probably quite as efficacious as the more active treatment

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at the place opposite the cricoid cartilage that is just in froi

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expedition carried 2850 horses and mules unacclimated and col

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here suffice to offer a few general observations on the subject. It

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ably no other than aothrax. In the ninth book of his Metamor

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affection. It is frequently associated with gout and other constitutional

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care unit in the management of myocardial infarction. Lancet

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Reprinted from The Medical Letter on Dru s and Thera

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Arthur G. DeVoe Neiu York City Professor and Chairman Departtnent of Ophthalmology

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ment of the University of Pennsylvania class of 1902.

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in which cases alcoholics carminatives and stimulants internally

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the antitoxin very little is known. The toxin is a very strong

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comatose condition. He is of opinion that all patients who are seriously

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species of auto intoxication from increased metabolic changes in

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this diagnosis consists of an elevated Partial Throm

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or may occur following a lowering of dosage or dis

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satisfactorily solved. Both branches of medical science

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Program distribution of kits during Diabetes Detec

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process of dying of 500 patients but thereafter there

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health services. Fhe democratic ideal of citizen par

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while the leukomaines belong on the oxidation side.

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I. ny cardiac disease that interferes with the circulation of the blood

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home or abroad on the floor of the national organization and then

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and if depression or peptic ulcer occurs. Use in pregnancy Because

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The third cause It is the duty of the farrier to perform the

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